Most Welcome 2

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Most Welcome 2
Directed by Ananta Jalil
Produced by Monsoon Films
Ananta Jalil
Starring Ananta Jalil
Afiea Nusrat Barsha
Distributed by Monsoon Films
Release dates
  • July 29, 2014 (2014-07-29)
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Budget 8.0 crore BDT

Most Welcome 2 is a Bangladeshi action film written by and directed by Ananta Jalil. It is considered to be the most expensive film in the history of Bengali Cinema. Development began in February 2012. The film is a sequel of 2012 blockbuster Most Welcome, The film released in 2014. The film stars Ananta Jalil, Afiea Nusrat Barshaa in lead role while there was a rumor that Jackie Shroff would play the antagonist and Bipasha Basu,Subhasree Ganguly would be doing a cameo in the film.[1]



Following the success of the previous installments, producers planned to develop a second sequel to the franchise, with Ananta Jalil playing the protagonist again.[2][3] The shooting of the film started on 9 February 2013.While there was rumor which turned out to be untrue was that Clive Curtis, known for 007 Series and Batman Series) was hired as action director for the film.


Most Welcome 2 besides domestic and usual international markets, released across 45 cinemas in UK and 35 in North America, making one of the widest Dhallywood release in the country.[4]

Box office[edit]

Made on a budget of 8 crores taka, it grossed only 3.85 crore taka, thereby making it the biggest Box office bomb of all-time in Dhallywood history.[5] The film went head-on with the Shakib Khan starrer Hero: The Superstar at the box office and this negatively affected its collections at the box office greatly. On the other hand, Hero: The Superstar became the highest grossing Dallywood movies of all-time.[6]

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