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For the ferry that crosses the river, see Motława (ship).
Motława River
Motlawa 2002.jpg
The Old Town of Gdańsk
Origin Szpęgawskie Południowe Lake
Mouth Martwa Wisła
Basin countries Poland
Length 64,7 km
Śluza Kamienna - Gdańsk Dolne Miasto

Motława (German: Mottlau) is a river in Eastern Pomerania in Poland. The source is in Szpegawskie Lake, northeast from Starogard Gdański. It goes through Rokickie Lake, and goes to Leniwka. Length 64.7 km, drawn area 1511.3 km².

The city of Gdańsk is situated at its mouth in the Leniwka. In Gdańsk, the Motława ferry crosses the river, a service that has run since 1687.

The Polish name Motława is derived from the Old Prussian language. In German the river is known as Mottlau.

A common theory for the etymology of the cities Gdańsk and Gdynia is that they are named after an older Polish and Kashubian name for the river, Gdania.

Coordinates: 54°21′36″N 18°39′51″E / 54.36000°N 18.66417°E / 54.36000; 18.66417