Carver Trilogy

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Carver Trilogy
Author Sue Harrison
Cover artist Mel Grant
Country United States
Language English
Series The Ivory Carver Trilogy, book 1 of 3
Genre Fiction
Publisher Avon Books (Harper Collins)
Publication date
Pages 217

The Carver Trilogy is Sue Harrison's[1] dealing with the prehistoric Aleut tribes. The trilogy includes Mother Earth Father Sky (1990), My Sister the Moon (1992) andBrother Wind (1994).

Mother Earth Father Sky[edit]

Mother Earth Father Sky is the first novel in in the trilogy It was first published in 1990.[2] In this novel, Chagak's tribe is attacked by a warlike tribe, including Man-Who-Kills, who rapes her and is subsequently killed, but becomes the father of her child, Samiq. Samiq is an important character in the subsequent novels. It was chosen among the Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association in 1991 and was a Main Selection of the Literary Guild Book Club.


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