Mother Goose Playskool and Gradeschool

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Mother School Special Schools System
Tapuac District
Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines
Type Private
Established 18 February 1972 (1972-02-18)
Principal Julie Palaroan (197?–present)
Colour(s)                  Red, yellow, orange and blue
Slogan All for one, one for all; Gooseans the best of all the rest!
Nickname Gooseans

The Mother Goose Playskool and Gradeschool are of several schools that are part of the Mother Goose Special Schools System in the Philippines.

The main school is in Dagupan City City in the province of Pangasinan. There are branches in Pasig City (Manila), Urdaneta City (Pangasinan), Bayambang (Pangasinan), U.P. Village, Quezon City (Manila), Marikina (Manila), San Carlos City (Pangasinan) and Makati City (Manila).

Mother Goose Playskool and Gradeschool Dagupan Campus (Main)[edit]

The school is in the Tapuac District of Dagupan. The students are from nursery (preschool) to grade 6.

There are two canteens in the school area. The canteen inside the school grounds serves snacks as well as Filipino cuisine such as pancit. The other one, steps outside the school grounds, is preferred by many students because it is larger and it provides an area to eat. In 2007, the school opened a new building, which now houses Intermediate Math, Intermediate Language, Intermediate Reading and Computer classes. Its principal is Julie Palaroan.

Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. Urdaneta City Branch[edit]

The school is on Bayaoas Street, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. The students are from nursery to 4th year high school. There is one canteen within the school area. It was the first open classroom in the city to be fully air-conditioned, except for the high school department. The school has three floors. The first is where the office, preschool department and grades 1–3 are located. The second floor is where students in grades 3–6 are. The second floor also has a computer lab, the TLE Room, the library, and the laboratory. The third floor is where the high school students are. The third floor has eight rooms. There is a computer lab, and a TLE room for the high school students.

Regular School Day[edit]

Each grade is divided into four classes, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. A class is made of about 10–20 students. The morning classes start at 7:30 and end at 12:30, while the afternoon classes start at 12:30 and end at 5:30.

The primary grades (1–3) and intermediate grades (4–6) have different English, History, Science, and Math teachers. The Christian Living, Physical Education, Computer Lab, Music, and Art teachers are the same. Intermediate grade students study an extra subject called EPP in which students learn how to sew, cook and do projects.

Uniform (Grade School)[edit]

Boys wear blue polo shirts, a pair of dark blue pants, and black shoes. Girls wear orange/white blouses, orange/white skirts and black shoes.

For physical education, students wear colored shirts with the school logo (color according to grade; dark yellow for grade 1, sky blue for grade 2, yellow for grade 3, green for grade 4, violet for grade 5 and peach for grade 6), jogging pants and rubber shoes.

Graduation Day, 2013[edit]

This school year, the graduation day was set on March 22, 2013.

Mother Goose Special School System, Inc. San Carlos City Branch[edit]

This school is in San Carlos City, Pangasinan. The school consists of a three floor building, a canteen, E.P.P., a basketball court, and a wide area of concrete beside the building where anyone is free to wander by. The high school department, which is in the third floor, has been opened in 2010. Pre-school students were in the first floor, and primary and intermediate students (1-6) on the second. During school events, they build a temporary stage for the first floor. Such events are Festival of Words, Christmas Party, Graduation, etc. Sometimes, they held their events on the second floor, but with no stage; such events were like Parent-Teacher Conference and School Mass. Two computer rooms were built: one in the second and third floor. The library is on the third floor, as well as the Science Lab. High school students were permitted to plant at the rear of the school, where the E.P.P. building stands.

High schools[edit]

Mother Goose Special Science High School
Region 1
Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines
Type Private
Established 1978 (1978)
Principal Atty. Lemuel A. Astadan
Number of students approximately 300
Colour(s)          Purple and white (team)
     Green (school)
Mascot n/a
Nickname Gooseans
Hymn Mother Goose Hymn

The school system contains a high school called the Mother Goose Special Science High School, often called "MG". Their high school system has three branches: one in Dagupan (which is their flagship branch), one in San Carlos (which is the newest development of the high school), and one in Urdaneta.

MG High Dagupan Campus (Main)[edit]

The Dagupan branch is near its grade school counterpart in Tapuac distrinct. It has one cafeteria. One basketball court is found in MG for the students.

The White House of MG is an open, roofed area with ceiling fans, electrical outlets and a Wi-Fi connection.

The branch has two buildings, the Main Building and the Annex Building. The Main Building hosts most of the classes. On the first/ground floor are the cafeteria, an art room, lockers and two classrooms. On the second floor are the MG whiteboard, where important announcements and exam schedules are written by the teachers and staff; the Cashier's Room; the Registrar's Room; the Computer Room; one classroom; and restrooms. The third floor has the Principal's Office, lockers, six classrooms (which have dividers), and a makeshift multifunction room (when the classroom dividers are taken off).

The Annex Building is mostly for the Juniors. It has three floors. It hosts the TLE Kitchen, lockers, three classrooms, restrooms, the school library, and the PEHM Room.

In 2009, The Doña Josefa Mendoza Samson Gym was established, making the school court covered. It is used to hold contests/competitions of Fests and used for First Friday Mass, originally held at the White House.

There are three sections per year; there are 12 sections overall.

All sections are named after significant scientists derived from their particular field of science studies per year.

Outreach schools[edit]

Doña Josefa Mendoza Samson Day Care Center, in Barangay Poblacion Oeste, is dedicated to the late founder's wife. Also in Dagupan.

In 2004, the Mother Goose school in Pasig City opened an outreach school in Montalban, Rizal named Mary Queen of Peace Day Care Center. Another followed in 2005, called the "Jaime Cardinal Sin Learning Center" in Sta. Ana, Manila named after Jaime Cardinal Sin.