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Screenshot of Plan 9 homepage viewed in Mothra
Screenshot of Plan 9 homepage viewed in Mothra
Developer(s) Tom Duff
Initial release ?
Stable release n/a (2003-11-11) [±]
Preview release 2006-07-11 [±]
Written in C
Operating system Plan 9 from Bell Labs
Type Web browser
License Lucent Public License

Mothra is a web browser and Internet Gopher client for the Plan 9 operating system. It is a very basic graphical browser and does not support FTP, Java, Javascript or CSS.


Mothra was written by Tom Duff for the Second Edition of Plan 9. It is named after the Japanese movie monster Mothra - Tom Duff picked the name because Netscape's browser is called Mozilla, a portmanteau of Mosaic (its progenitor) and Godzilla - and Mothra is its Plan 9 "counterpart". It is not included in the current Plan 9 version releases, and can be found in the /n/sources/extra/mothra directory on a Plan 9 system (usually the fossil server at is mounted at /n/sources/ using the 9P protocol).

Mothra has two UI "display" modes that can be toggled from a menu on right clicking: the first mode displays the current page's URL and title, the browsing history in form of a list of pages visited during the session and it offers a command line for input; the second mode removes all UI and displays the page in the full window.

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