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Moti Lal Kemmu (Kashmiri: मोती लाल क्यमू (Devanagari), موتی لال کیمو (Nastaleeq)) (1933- ) is an important contemporary playwright from Kashmir. He was born in Srinigar and attended Jammu and Kashmir University. His plays include Nagar Udas,Teen Asangati Aikanki (1968), Lal Drayas Lol Re (1972), Trunove (1970), Tshai (1973), Natak Truche (1980), Tota Tol Aina (1985).[1][2]

Several of his plays have also been translated and produced in Hindi.

Awards and honors[edit]

He won the Padma Shri award in 2012.[3]


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