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The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is the international counterpart of the Motion Picture Association of America.


The MPA starting out as the Motion Picture Association of America was started in 1922, as a trade organization for the American film industry. The task was to curb criticism of American films of the era, and give a more favourable image of the film industry.[citation needed]

Following World War II in 1945 its counterpart the Motion Pictures Export Association of America was formed to restore the American film market, and fight the trade barriers and restrictions imposed on American films.[citation needed]

In 1994 its name was changed from the Motion Picture Export Association of America to the Motion Picture Association to more accurately reflect the global nature of audiovisual entertainment in today's international marketplace.[citation needed]

Members of the MPA[edit]

Copyright Advocates[edit]

The MPA strives to protect the creative rights of the large corporate film makers. It is the front of the motion picture industry that fights copyright theft and cracks down on piracy.[citation needed] Its counterpart has come up with infamous slogans such as "Who Makes Movies?" and "You can click, but you can't hide."[citation needed]

International Activities[edit]

Around the world the MPA helps with local law enforcement to combat piracy.

The MPA Offices in the world are:

  • MPA-Canada,
  • MPA EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), which has anti-piracy programs in 17 European countries
  • MPA Asia and Pacific, which has anti-piracy programs in 14 Asian countries
  • MPA Latin America, which has anti-piracy programs in 2 Latin American countries

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