Moto Guzzi California

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Moto Guzzi California
Moto Guzzi California.jpg
Manufacturer Moto Guzzi
Production 1971- present
Predecessor V7 roadster
Class cruiser
Engine OHV 2-valve per cyl. air cooled, four-stroke, V-twin, longitudinally mounted
Transmission 5 speed, shaft drive
Suspension Front: telescopic forks
Rear: twin shocks
Brakes Front: disc
Rear: drum

The Moto Guzzi California is a cruiser motorcycle manufactured and marketed by Moto Guzzi since 1971, featuring a standard seating position, footboards, heel-and-toe gearshift, and linked Brembo brakes.

The first California was designed in consulation with the Los Angeles Police Department Traffic Division to be the department's new V7 of choice.[1][2] Original features included a left-foot gearshift, a bulletproof Lexan windshield and a sprung sidestand, along with the requisite siren, radio, extra police lights, and ability to complete a standing quarter mile in 16 seconds or less. The success of the model led to other police departments ordering their own, including the California Highway Patrol.[1]

Moto Guzzi have produced a version of the California almost continuously from 1971 to the present day, and the current iteration is a 1400 cc model.[3] In 2002, Moto Guzzi celebrated its 80th anniversary with a special edition California model designed by Italian furniture-make Poltrona Frau, featuring blood red leather saddle and panniers.


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