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Motor clubs are organizations, either for-profit or non-profit, which motorists (drivers and vehicle owners) can join to enjoy certain benefits provided by the club relating to driving a vehicle. There is typically an annual membership fee to join. A membership identification card, valid for the time period of membership paid, is typically issued to the member.

Typical motor club benefits[edit]

Member benefits may include the following:

  • Provision of maps, or other tourist or motoring information in some cases, to members.[citation needed]
  • In some cases, reward stickers or decals may be provided to the member to place in the window of his/her vehicle, offering a reward to someone who locates or reports the vehicle if stolen.[citation needed]
  • Sometimes certain services related to vehicles, such as transferring ownership, may be provided to members at a reduced cost.[citation needed]
  • Some businesses, such as motels, may provide members of certain motor clubs with discounts upon presentation of their membership cards.[citation needed]

Motor clubs[edit]

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