Motosu District, Gifu

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This article is about the district in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. For the city with this name, see Motosu, Gifu.
Location of Motosu District in Gifu Prefecture

Motosu District (本巣郡 Motosu-gun?) is a district located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

As of July 2011 the district has an estimated population of 18,389.[1] The total area is 5.17 km².

The district has only one town.

District Timeline[edit]

  • April 1, 1959-
    • The village of Shinsei gained town status.
    • The village of Sunan gained town status.
  • As of 2003, the district comprises the former districts of Motosu, Mushiroda (席田郡), parts of Katagata (方県郡), and parts of Ōno (大野郡, not to be confused with Ōno District in Hida region)
  • May 1, 2003-The towns of Sunami and Hozumi merged to form the new city of Mizuho.
  • February 1, 2004-The towns of Itonuki, Motosu and Shinsei, and the village of Neo merged to become the new city of Motosu.[2]
  • The town of Kitagata was scheduled to merge with the city of Gifu but the deal was cancelled on August 31, 2004.


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Coordinates: 35°25′54″N 136°41′27″E / 35.4317°N 136.6908°E / 35.4317; 136.6908