Motru River

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Coordinates: 44°33′21″N 23°27′03″E / 44.55583°N 23.45083°E / 44.55583; 23.45083
Motru River
RO MH Motru river.jpg
Motru river at Negoiești, Mehedinți county
Countries Romania
Counties Gorj, Mehedinţi
 - right Coşuştea
Towns Motru, Strehaia
Mouth Jiu
 - location near Filiaşi
 - coordinates 44°33′21″N 23°27′03″E / 44.55583°N 23.45083°E / 44.55583; 23.45083
Length 139 km (86 mi)
Basin 1,874 km2 (724 sq mi)
Official River Code VII.1.36

The Motru River is a tributary of the Jiu River in the Southwest of Romania. The hydrological basin of the Motru has an area of 1874 km². The Motru is 138,8 km long.[1]

Towns and villages[edit]

The following towns are situated along the river Motru, from source to mouth: Padeș, Cătunele, Motru, Broşteni, Strehaia, Butoiești


The following rivers are tributaries to the river Motru:

Left: Frumosu, Valea Râsului, Cărpinei, Valea Mare, Izvoarele, Lupoaia, Ploştina, Băzăvan, Boca

Right: Milearu, Păltinei, Motrul Sec, Bulba, Crainici, Peşteana, Coşuştea, Huşniţa, Sălătruc, Coşovăţ


The ancient Dacian name of the river was Amutria, which is homonymous with a settlement in the area. The Dacian town of Amutria is mentioned in ancient sources like Ptolemy's Geographia (c. 150 AD) and Tabula Peutingeriana (2nd century AD), and placed around the river.[2] After the Roman conquest of Dacia, Amutria was part of an important road network, between Drubetis and Pelendava.

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