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Genre Comedy
Created by Marc Boutavant
Voices of Rachel Williams as Mouk, Tania Farchy as Chavapa, Lisa Jacobs as Popo, Mita & additional voices, Joseph Sheridan as various voices
Country of origin France
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 62
Running time approximately 11 minutes
Original channel France 5 (France)
Disney Junior (UK)
KI.KA (Germany)
ABC (Australia)
Original airing September 19, 2011 (2011-09-19)
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Mouk is an animated television series (62 x 11') produced by the French company Millimages, adapted from the work of Marc Boutavant and directed by François Narboux.[1] It premiered on Disney Junior.

According to Millimages, a 2nd season of 104 11-minute episodes and 30 1 minute episodes are in production.


Each episode begins with Mouk and Chavapa chatting via webcam to their friends Popo and Mita back home. The friends say how excited they are to tell Mouk and Chavapa something interesting that has happened to them, but before they can, Mouk interrupts with a story of his travels. The friends usually do not get the chance to tell their story.


Characters French voices
voice direction
Thomas Guitard, Philippe Roullier
English voices
voice direction
Matthew Géczy
Polish voices Japanese voices
Main Mouk Gwenaelle Jegou Rachel Williams Agnieszka Mrozińska Yumi Uchiyama (内山夕実)
Chavapa Céline Ronté Tania Farchy Jakub Mróz Miki Fukui (福井美樹)
Popo Catherine Desplaces Lisa Jacobs - Ikumi Nakagami (中上育実)
Mita Maryne Bertieaux Lisa Jacobs - Iho Matsukubo (松久保いほ)
Secondary Boys Geneviève Doang, Bruno Méyère
Catherine Desplaces
Lisa Jacobs, Antony Hickling - -
Girls Geneviève Doang
Maryne Bertieaux
Lisa Jacobs - -
Men Thomas Guitard, Philippe Roullier
Bruno Méyère, Arnaud Arbessier
Joseph Sheridan, Antony Hickling
Saul Jephcott
- -
Women Catherine Desplaces
Céline Ronté
Lisa Jacobs - -
Title song performer Rehann Duplessy Aurélie Guillier - Risa Shimizu (清水理沙)


  • Director : François Narboux
  • Producers : Roch Lener, Jonathan Peel
  • Music : Mathias Duplessy
  • Studio directors : Sandrine Arnault, Marc Dhrami
  • Head of production : Séverine Modzelewski
  • Production manager : Marie-Hélène Vernerie
  • 1st assistants : Julien Cayot, Michaël Armellino
  • Head of storyboard : Jeanne Meister
  • Head of backgrounds : Jérôme Florencie, Catherine Chunleau
  • Head of colour backgrounds : Prisca Le Tandé
  • Head of animation : Christophe Calissoni
  • Animation supervisors : Michaël Armellino, Thomas Digard
  • Editor : Alain Lavallé
  • Script editors : Florence Marchal, Victoria Wilson, Juliette Turner
  • 2nd assistants : Balthazar Chapuis, Mathias Cottreau, Hugues Proust, Yann Popelier, Aude Marchand
  • Story boarders : Pierre Cerruti, Stéphane Beau, Frédérick Boisseau, Vincent Fouache, Philippe Leconte, Gilles Dayez, Mizuho Zanovello, David Encinas
  • Backgrounds : Aleksandar Dzoni, Bruno Couchinho
  • Colour backgrounds : Nicolas Pauchont, Aurélie Raphaël, Sejung Kim
  • Layout artists : Christian Fiche, Virginie Morgand, Olivier Montenon, Vincent Mahé
  • Characters & Props designers : Marc Boutavant, Jessica Das, Virginie Morgand
  • Flash designers : Graziella Petrini, Eléonore Richardfoy, Balthazar Chapuis, Bérengère Le Gall
  • Videoboarders : Alain Lavallé, Mike Guermyet
  • Animators : Christophe N'Guyen, Julien Cayot, Raphaël Chabassol, Adeline Monin, Sébastien d'Abrigeon
  • Sound design : Bruno Guéraçague
  • Sound mix : Bruno Mercère
  • Title sequence : Pozla

List of episodes[edit]

Title Country Storyboard Script
1 Lucky Charm Morocco Jeanne Meister Muriel Achery, Nathalie Vergès
2 The Desert Archaeologists Algeria Vincent Fouache Muriel Achery
3 Urgent Delivery Crete Jeanne Meister Muriel Achery
4 Stone Giants Canada Fred Boisseau Baptiste Heidrich
5 The Birthday Present Japan Mizuho Zanovello Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
6 A Helping Hand Senegal Fred Boisseau Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
7 Turtle Time Madagascar Vincent Fouache Gillian Corderoy
8 Whoops, we missed the Bus Peru Vincent Fouache Baptiste Heidrich
9 The Great Crossing Venezuela Jeanne Meister Baptiste Heidrich
10 Small is Beautiful Japan Mizuho Zanovello Keith Brumpton
11 The Stick that walked away Venezuela Fred Boisseau Charles Hodges
12 In the Paddy Fields Vietnam Vincent Fouache Muriel Achery
13 Out of Contact India Stéphane Beau Franck Salomé
14 Holi India Fred Boisseau Keith Brumpton
15 Goal Brasil Mizuho Zanovello Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
16 In Search of the Yeti China Alexis Ducord Keith Brumpton
17 Good as New ! Senegal Pierre Cerutti Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
18 Bicycle Race Crete Stéphane Beau Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
19 Viva la Pinata ! Mexico Vincent Fouache Micha
20 Pink Dolphin Venezuela Fred Boisseau Baptiste Heidrich
21 In Search of the Caribou Canada Alexis Ducord Muriel Achery, Chris Arsonnaud
22 Don't judge a Cactus by its Prickles USA Pierre Cerutti Gillian Corderoy
23 The Best Dressed ELephant India Stéphane Beau Simon Jowett
24 Star Struck Australia Vincent Fouache Keith Brumpton
25 Yee Ha Cowboy Argentina Fred Boisseau Baptiste Heidrich
26 The Indian Vase India Gilles Dayez Keith Brumpton
27 Paper Chase Japan Stéphane Beau Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
28 Above the Trees Venezuela David Encinas Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
29 Baobab Café Madagascar Pierre Cerutti Gillian Corderoy
30 The Art of milking a Yak China Fred Boisseau Chris Parker
31 Yummy, Maple Syrup ! Canada Vincent Fouache Muriel Achery, Chris Arsonnaud
32 Nile and easy Egypt Gilles Dayez Keith Brumpton
33 Wallabie's Rock Australia Stéphane Beau Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
34 Nazca Peru Fred Boisseau Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
35 The Cloud Catcher Chile Philippe Leconte Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
36 A Message for You USA Vincent Fouache Baptiste Heidrich
37 Little Fish Grow up Crete Pierre Cerutti Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
38 Runaway Robot Japan Gilles Dayez Charles Hodges
39 Birdsong China Philippe Leconte Baptiste Heidrich
40 Dinosaur Trail USA Stéphane Beau Gillian Corderoy
41 The Bamboo Plantation Vietnam Fred Boisseau Muriel Achery, Chris Arsonnaud
42 Hanami Japan Vincent Fouache Jean Regnaud
43 Shooting Stars Canada Philippe Leconte Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
44 Wallabies' Clip Australia Stéphane Beau Muriel Achery, Chris Arsonnaud
45 Puppet Masters Vietnam Gilles Dayez Chris Parker
46 Bossa Nova Brasil Philippe Leconte Sam Wilson
47 Rickshaw India Fred Boisseau Micha
48 Christmas in the Sun Madagascar Vincent Fouache Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
49 Souq Surprise Morocco Stéphane Beau Lauren Beukes
50 Instruments do grow on Trees ! Venezuela Pierre Cerutti Baptiste Heidrich
51 Aurora Borealis Finland Philippe Leconte Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
52 The Parrot Feather Venezuela Stéphane Beau Jean Regnaud
53 The Bird Hunt Borneo Fred Boisseau Lauren Beukes
54 A Forgetful Day Japan Philippe Leconte Charles Hodges
55 Two wheeled Hero Canada Fred Boisseau Chris Parker
56 Windmill Australia Philippe Leconte Sam Wilson
57 Hockey Canada Stéphane Beau Baptiste Heidrich
58 Kabuki Japan Gilles Dayez Nadège Girardot, Marie de Banville
59 Pottery Crete Pierre Cerutti Jean Regnaud
60 The Olive Festival Crete Philippe Leconte Muriel Achery, Chris Arsonnaud
61 The Barter Morocco Fred Boisseau Marie Caroline Villand, Florence Le Couëdic
62 Whistling Language Senegal Stéphane Beau Muriel Achery, Chris Arsonnaud


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