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Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum in Rissani south east Morocco

Moulay Ali Cherif (Standard Arabic: مولاي علي الشريف Mawlāy ʻAlī Sharīf') (9 November 1589 in Rissani, Morocco, died 5 June 1659 in Rissani) was allegedly a descendant of l-Hesn d-Dakhl and is considered to have been the founder of the Alaouite Dynasty of Morocco. He began to increase his power in the Tafilalt during the anarchy following the death of the Saadi ruler Ahmad al-Mansur (1578–1603) and ruled that region from (1631–1640).

Sharif Sultan Abul Amlak Sidi Muhammad I as-Sharif bin 'Ali was the Sultan of Tafilalt 1631 - 1636. He was born before 9 November 1589 as the sixth son of 'Ali as-Sharif al-Marrakchi. He abdicated the throne of Tafilat in 1636, in the favour of his eldest of fifteen sons, Muhammad II of Morocco.

In 1659, the last sultan of the Saadi Dynasty was overthrown by Mulay Ali Cherif's son, Mulay r-Rshid (1664–1672) in the conquest of Marrakech. After the victory over the Dila brotherhood, who controlled northern Morocco, he was able to unite and pacify the country.

He died at Sijilmasa (Rissani), Tafilalt, on 5 June 1659. His mausoleum is in the town of Rissani in the Tafilalt region. There is also a town named after him in the Meknès-Tafilalet Region.

Preceded by
Sultan of Tafilalt
Succeeded by
Muhammad II of Morocco