Mount Arethusa

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Mount Arethusa
Mt. Arethusa and Little Arethusa from the north (Sept. 2006)
Elevation 2,912 m (9,554 ft)[1]
Prominence 138 m (453 ft)[2]
Listing Mountains of Alberta
Mount Arethusa is located in Alberta
Mount Arethusa
Mount Arethusa
Location in Alberta
Location Alberta, Canada
Range Misty Range
Coordinates 50°36′22″N 114°58′14″W / 50.60611°N 114.97056°W / 50.60611; -114.97056Coordinates: 50°36′22″N 114°58′14″W / 50.60611°N 114.97056°W / 50.60611; -114.97056[1]
Topo map NTS 82J/10
Easiest route Difficult scramble

Mount Arethusa is a mountain located in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Canada.

It is located alongside Highway 40, immediately east of the Highwood Pass parking lot in Kananaskis Country, and is a part of the Misty Range of the Southern Continental Ranges. It is named after the HMS Arethusa, a British cruiser sunk in the 1915 Battle of Dogger Bank.[3]

Mt. Arethusa and Little Arethusa form the southern wall of the Ptarmigan cirque which is a popular short hike from the Highwood Pass parking lot.


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