Mount Cooroora

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Mount Cooroora
Mount Pomona
Queensland State Archives 262 Skyring Creek Road Pomona looking towards Mount Cooroora c 1931.png
Mount Cooroora in the 1930s
Elevation 439 m (1,440 ft)
Mount Cooroora is located in Queensland
Mount Cooroora
Mount Cooroora
Pomona, Queensland
Coordinates 26°22′17″S 152°50′17″E / 26.3714°S 152.838065°E / -26.3714; 152.838065Coordinates: 26°22′17″S 152°50′17″E / 26.3714°S 152.838065°E / -26.3714; 152.838065
Type Volcanic plug
Easiest route Hiking trail

Mount Cooroora is located in the town of Pomona in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia.[1] The peak is a 439 metres high intrusive volcanic plug.[2] The Electoral district of Cooroora is named after the mountain.


Mount Cooroora plays host to the King of the Mountain Festival.[3] The main event at the festival is a footrace straight up the mountain drawing participants from all over the world. Winners of the race complete the run to the summit in a little over 20 minutes. The first run by a local footballer to the top of the mountain occurred in 1958.[4] The Mountain Challenge race began in 1979 and has been run every year since.


A maintained path helps guide hikers to the mountain's peak, where good views of the surrounding area are available. The walk takes about two hours and is graded moderate to hard.[5] One section of the climb includes steep metal ladders.[5]

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