Mount Dalrymple (Queensland)

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Mount Dalrymple
Location Central Queensland, Australia
Coordinates 21°02′S 148°38′E / 21.033°S 148.633°E / -21.033; 148.633Coordinates: 21°02′S 148°38′E / 21.033°S 148.633°E / -21.033; 148.633

Mount Dalrymple is the highest peak in the Central Queensland section of the Great Dividing Range called the Clarke Range. The mountain has an elevation of 1259 metres. It is amongst the higher peaks in the Australian state of Queensland and located 858 km northwest of Brisbane, and 50 km west of Mackay. The peak and surrounding ranges are covered in dense tropical rainforest and forms part of the Eungella National Park.

It was named after George Elphinstone Dalrymple, an early explorer of north Queensland.

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