Mount Darwin (Tasmania)

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Mount Darwin
Elevation 1,033 m (3,389 ft)
Location West Coast, Tasmania
Range West Coast Range
Coordinates Coordinates: 42°15′S 145°35′E / 42.250°S 145.583°E / -42.250; 145.583

Mount Darwin is a mountain in the West Coast Range, in Western Tasmania, named after Charles Darwin.


On the eastern side of the mountain is Darwin, a long-abandoned town site. Mount Darwin is the southernmost mountain of the West Coast range. Mount Jukes is north of the mountain while Mount Sorell is west of it.

Mine sites[edit]

Long abandoned short drives and shallow holes are found on Mount Darwin and are usually cited as being part of the Jukes-Darwin field [1]


It has a 'plateau', and has mining exploration tracks that lead to some of the older workings.

It was possible in the 1970s to travel to the top of Mount Darwin in four wheel drive vehicles. The tracks also lead over towards the Clark River Valley which lies between Darwin and Mount Sorell to the west, and some tracks also were made on the ridge between Mount Darwin and the southern side of Mount Jukes.

Named features[edit]

The geosciences Australia database lists the following features -

  • East Darwin Cirque - (Valleys & Depressions)
  • South Darwin Cirque - (Valleys & Depressions)
  • South Darwin Peak - (Hills & Mountains)
  • Darwin Plateau - (Other Landforms)
  • Darwin Crater - (Valleys & Depressions); this is a probable impact crater, lying 8.5 km to the south-east

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