Mount Dundas (Tasmania)

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Mount Dundas
Location West Coast, Tasmania
Range West Coast Range
Coordinates 42°52′S 145°22′E / 42.867°S 145.367°E / -42.867; 145.367
First ascent unknown

Mount Dundas (41°50′S 145°32′E / 41.833°S 145.533°E / -41.833; 145.533) is a mountain in Tasmania, Australia, that is at the north west edge of what is known as the West Coast Range

As colourful a history as that of Mount Lyell, Mount Dundas has had a range of mines and railways within its vicinity. The main copper and gold ore bearing deposits in the West Coast Range are known as occurring in the 'Mount Read Volcanics' relating to the complex geology of the area.

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