Mount Elgon insurgency

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Mount Elgon insurgency
Date 2005 - March 2008
Location Mount Elgon District, Kenya
Status Kenyan Victory
Sabaot Land Defence Force Kenya Military of Kenya
Casualties and losses
~600 killed[1]

The Mount Elgon insurgency was a conflict that started in 2005 when the Sabaot Land Defence Force militia revolted in the Mount Elgon area, Western Kenya.[2][3]

The insurgency[edit]

Reportedly, local church elders know of 200 people who have gone missing since being arrested; about 1500 have been formally charged.[4]

Crimes committed by the SLDF[edit]

The SDLF killed people indiscriminately and one would wonder whether all those who lost their dear lives were the land grabbers. People moved from their homes, people always lived in fear and in fact, up to date, many are traumatized. The Kenyan government and local authorities of Mount Elgon residents should devise a means to have all those who suffered in whichever way undergo psycho-social support.

Crimes committed by the Kenyan military[edit]


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