Mount Emmons (Alaska)

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Mount Emmons
View, looking northeast, of Mount Emmons in 1987
Elevation 4,711 ft (1,436 m)[1]
Listing List of volcanoes in the United States
Mount Emmons is located in Alaska
Mount Emmons
Mount Emmons
Location Alaska Peninsula. Alaska, U.S.
Range Aleutian Range
Coordinates 55°20′27″N 162°04′21″W / 55.3409°N 162.0726°W / 55.3409; -162.0726Coordinates: 55°20′27″N 162°04′21″W / 55.3409°N 162.0726°W / 55.3409; -162.0726[2]
Topo map USGS Cold Bay B-1
Type Caldera
Volcanic arc/belt Aleutian Arc
Last eruption Unknown

Mount Emmons is a post-caldera stratovolcano within the Emmons Lake caldera on the Alaska Peninsula. It is one of three cones constructed within the 7-by-11-mile (11 km × 18 km) caldera, which also contains an elongated crater lake on its southwest side.[1]

The most recent of several caldera-forming eruptions at Emmons Lake occurred more than 10,000 years ago. No historical eruptions have occurred at Emmons Lake.[3]

Mount Emmons is a local name published on a USGS map in 1943.[4]

Map showing volcanoes of Alaska. The mark is set at the location of Emmons Lake.


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