Mount Field West (Tasmania)

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Mount Field West
Tarn Shelf from Rodway Range, Mt Field National Park.jpg
Far left peak
Elevation 1,434 m (4,705 ft)AHD
Location Tasmania, Australia
Coordinates 42°39′19″S 146°35′15″E / 42.65528°S 146.58750°E / -42.65528; 146.58750

Mount Field West is a mountain in the western portion of Mount Field National Park in the south of Tasmania, Australia. It is frequently snow covered, sometimes even in summer. It is a major feature of the national park, and is a popular destination for bushwalkers. It overlooks Upper Florentine Valley and is a 7.5 hour return walk from Lake Dobson.

Mount Field West rises to 1,434 metres AHD, making it the twenty-sixth highest peak in Tasmania.

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