Mount Gassan

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Mount Gassan
Precincts of Gassan jinja.JPG
The summit and Gassan Shrine
Elevation 1,984 m (6,509 ft)

100 Famous Japanese Mountains

Three Mountains of Dewa
Translation Moon Mountain (Japanese)
Mount Gassan is located in Japan
Mount Gassan
Mount Gassan
Yamagata, Tōhoku, Japan
Coordinates 38°32′56″N 140°01′37″E / 38.54889°N 140.02694°E / 38.54889; 140.02694Coordinates: 38°32′56″N 140°01′37″E / 38.54889°N 140.02694°E / 38.54889; 140.02694
Type Stratovolcano[1]
Easiest route Hiking

Mount Gassan (月山 Gassan?) is the highest of the Three Mountains of Dewa in the ancient province of Dewa (modern-day Yamagata prefecture). The Gassan Shrine stands at the mountain's summit, 1984 meters above sea level.

Due to heavy winter snowfall, the mountain and shrine are inaccessible for long periods of the year; however, skiing is possible on the mountain from April to mid-summer.



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