Mount Gower

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Lord Howe’s two southern mountains in the background, Mounts Lidgbird (left) and Gower (right)

Mount Gower is the highest mountain on Australia’s subtropical Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea. With a height of 875 m, and a relatively flat 27 ha summit plateau, it stands at the southern end of Lord Howe, just south of the island’s second highest peak, 777 m Mount Lidgbird, from which it is separated by the saddle at the head of Erskine Valley. Ascending Gower entails a popular, guided, strenuous 8-hour return hike, though no special climbing skills are needed. The mountain is covered with rainforest, including cloud forest at the summit, containing many of the island’s endemic plants.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 31°35′25″S 159°04′20″E / 31.59028°S 159.07222°E / -31.59028; 159.07222