Mount Hampton

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Mount Hampton
The caldera of Mt. Hampton viewed from the northwest.
Elevation 3,323 m (10,902 ft)
Location Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Range Executive Committee Range
Coordinates 76°29′S 125°48′W / 76.483°S 125.800°W / -76.483; -125.800Coordinates: 76°29′S 125°48′W / 76.483°S 125.800°W / -76.483; -125.800
Type Shield volcano

Mount Hampton is a shield volcano with a circular ice-filled crater occupying much of the summit area. It is the northernmost of the volcanoes which comprise the Executive Committee Range in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.

Discovered by the USAS on a flight, December 15, 1940, and named for Ruth Hampton, Dept. of the Interior member of the USAS Executive Committee. Mapped in detail by USGS from surveys and U.S. Navy trimetrogon photography, 1958-60.

Topographic map of Mount Hampton (1:250,000 scale) from USGS Mount Hampton

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