Mount K2

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This article is about the mountain in Alberta. For the mountain in South Asia, see K2.
Mount K2
Mount K2 is located in Alberta
Mount K2
Mount K2
Location in Alberta
Elevation 3,090 m (10,140 ft)[1]
Location Alberta, Canada
Range Winston Churchill Range
Coordinates 52°13′30″N 117°17′30″W / 52.22500°N 117.29167°W / 52.22500; -117.29167Coordinates: 52°13′30″N 117°17′30″W / 52.22500°N 117.29167°W / 52.22500; -117.29167[1]
Topo map NTS 83C/03
First ascent 1938 by an ACC party guided by Christian Hasler Jr.[1]
Easiest route rock/snow climb

Mount K2 is a mountain located in the upper Athabasca River Valley of Jasper National Park, 1½ km east of Mount Kitchener. The mountain was named in 1938 by Rex Gibson (former Alpine Club of Canada president), apparently to signify this as a secondary peak of Mount Kitchener, and not K2.[1]


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