Mount Kaikoma

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Mount Kaikoma
Kaikomagatake from kurisawayama 1998 10 11.jpg
Mount Kaikoma from Mount Kurisawa
Elevation 2,967 m (9,734 ft)
Listing 100 Famous Japanese Mountains
Location Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture
Ina, Nagano Prefecture,
Range Akaishi Mountains
Coordinates 35°45′28″N 138°14′12″E / 35.75778°N 138.23667°E / 35.75778; 138.23667Coordinates: 35°45′28″N 138°14′12″E / 35.75778°N 138.23667°E / 35.75778; 138.23667

Mount Kaikoma (甲斐駒ヶ岳 Kaikoma-ga-take?) is a mountain located on the border between Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, and Ina, Nagano Prefecture, in the Chūbu region of Japan. It is 2,967 m (9,734 ft) tall and part of the Akaishi Mountains.[1] It is also in Minami Alps National Park[2] and is one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains".


Mount Kaikoma is one of the center of Japanese Shugendo in this region.

There are 18 or more mountains throughout Japan that are referred to as the "Koma Mountains" (駒ヶ岳 Koma-ga-take). Mount Kaikoma is the tallest of them all, just beating out neighboring Mount Kisokoma by 11 m (36 ft).

The Ina Valley is located between to the "two Koma Mountains."[1] Mount Kaikoma is referred to as the eastern of the two mountains, while Mount Kisokoma is referred to as the western one. The top of the mountain looks white, because of the mountain of Granite. There are many big granite in the top of a mountain, and there is the peak called "Marishiten (摩利支天)" of the huge rock in the southeast.



The most popular route to climb this mountain is from Kitazawa Pass on Minami Alps Gravel Road. It takes four and half hours from the pass to the top. The other major route is traditional one on Kuroto-One, it takes eight hours to the top.

Mountain Hut and Camp Site[edit]

There are some Mountain hut in the surrounding, and they are opened during the climbing mountain season. Moreover, there are some camp specification ground. There is the large one around "Kitazawa-Tōge (北沢峠)" that is used as base camp for Mount Kaikoma or Mount Senjō.


Nearby Mountains[edit]

Nearby Mountains of Mount Kaikoma (Akaishi Mountains)

It is on the main ridge line in the northern part of the Akaishi Mountains.

Image Mountain Japanese Elevation Distance
from the Top
Kaikoma7.JPG Mt. Nokogiri 鋸岳 2,685 m (8,809 ft) 3.4 km (2.1 mi) 200 Famous
Kaikomagatake rrom Komatsumine 1996-9-15.jpg Mt. Kaikoma 甲斐駒ヶ岳 2,967 m (9,734 ft) 0 km (0 mi) 100 Famous
Kaikomagatake and Marishiten 1998 10 11.jpg Marishiten 摩利支天 about 2,820 m (9,252 ft) 0.4 km (0.2 mi) SouthEast Peak
Komatumine and senjyougatake from kaikomagatake 1996 9 15.jpg Mount Komatsu 駒津峰 about 2,752 m (9,029 ft) 0.8 km (0.5 mi)
Senjogatake from Kitadake 2001-10-3.jpg Mt. Senjō 仙丈ヶ岳 3,033 m (9,951 ft) 6.4 km (4.0 mi) 100 Famous
Houousan from kaikomagatake 50 1996 9 15.jpg Mt. Hōō 鳳凰山 2,840 m (9,318 ft) 8.7 km (5.4 mi) 100 Famous
Mount Kita from Mount Nakashirane 2001-10-03.JPG Mt. Kita 北岳 3,193 m (10,476 ft) 9.3 km (5.8 mi) the highest mountain
in Akaishi Mountains
100 Famous

River of source[edit]

The River of the source flows to the Pacific Ocean.


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