Mount Klabat

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Mount Klabat
Gunung Klabat.jpg
Mount Klabat in 1981.
Elevation 1,995 m (6,545 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,850 m (6,070 ft)[2][3]
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Mount Klabat is located in Indonesia
Mount Klabat
Mount Klabat
Location in Indonesia
Location Sulawesi, Indonesia
Coordinates 1°27′12″N 125°01′51″E / 1.45333°N 125.03083°E / 1.45333; 125.03083Coordinates: 1°27′12″N 125°01′51″E / 1.45333°N 125.03083°E / 1.45333; 125.03083[2]
Type Stratovolcano

Mount Klabat is the highest volcano on Sulawesi island, located in the east of Manado city, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. A 170 × 250 m wide, shallow crater lake is found at the summit. There are no confirmed historical eruptions of the volcano. A report of eruption taking place in 1683 is thought to have been produced by the Mount Tongkoko volcano instead .[1]

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