Mount Kongō

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"Kongōsan" redirects here. For the mountain in North Korea with the same Japanese name, see Mount Kumgang.
Mount Kongō

Mount Kongō (金剛山 Kongōsan?) is a 1,125-metre (3,691 ft) high mountain in the Kawachi region of the Osaka Prefecture, Kansai, Japan.[1] It is near Mount Katsuragi.

The mountain has lent its name to a series of naval ships and ship classes: the Imperial Japanese Navy's 1877 ironclad Kongō; the 1912 battleship Kongō, the name ship of her class; and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's current destroyer Kongō (DDG-173), also the name ship of her class.

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Coordinates: 34°25′01″N 135°40′38″E / 34.41694°N 135.67722°E / 34.41694; 135.67722

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