Mount Lindesay (New South Wales)

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Mount Lindesay
Mount Lindesay is located in New South Wales
Mount Lindesay
Mount Lindesay
New South Wales, Australia
Elevation 1,373 m (4,505 ft)
Range Nandewar Range
Coordinates 30°11′27″S 150°08′45″E / 30.19083°S 150.14583°E / -30.19083; 150.14583Coordinates: 30°11′27″S 150°08′45″E / 30.19083°S 150.14583°E / -30.19083; 150.14583

Mount Lindesay (1,373 metres) is a mountain east of Narrabri in northern New South Wales, Australia. It is part of the Nandewar Range and has been preserved within the Mount Kaputar National Park.

The mountain was named by Sir Thomas Mitchell after Colonel (later Major General) Patrick Lindesay, a Scot commanding the military forces of New South Wales and who was the Acting Governor in 1831.[1]

Mount Lindesay is part of the remnants of the Nandewar extinct volcano which ceased activity about 17 million years ago after 4 million years of activity.


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