Mount Nila

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Mount Nila
Nila Island.jpg
Elevation 781 m (2,562 ft)[1]
Location Banda Sea, Indonesia
Coordinates 6°44′S 129°30′E / 6.73°S 129.50°E / -6.73; 129.50
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption May to June 1968

Nila volcano forms completely an isolated 5 × 6 km wide of island with the same name in the Barat Daya Islands of the Banda Sea, Indonesia. The volcano comprises a low caldera with its rims breach into the sea surface on the south and the east side. The dominantly andesitic volcano contains a young forested cone at the elevation of 781 m height.[1]

Mount Nila is a stratovolcano, and caused the abandonment of a Rumadai village when it erupted in 1968.

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