Mount Pétain

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Mount Pétain
Mount Pétain is located in Alberta
Mount Pétain
Mount Pétain
Location in Alberta and British Columbia
Elevation 3,196 m (10,486 ft)[1]
Prominence 326 m (1,070 ft)
Location Alberta
British Columbia
Coordinates 50°32′42″N 115°11′06″W / 50.54500°N 115.18500°W / 50.54500; -115.18500Coordinates: 50°32′42″N 115°11′06″W / 50.54500°N 115.18500°W / 50.54500; -115.18500
Topo map NTS 82J/11
First ascent 1930 Katie Gardiner, Walter Fuez

Mount Pétain is located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia on the Continental Divide. It was named in 1918 after Marshal Philippe Pétain[1][2] - at the time honored a war hero by Canadians as by other WWI Allies. The name was retained despite the later reversal in Pétain's reputation after his having been Head of State of Vichy France.

The snow-capped mountain can be reached from Height of the Rockies Provincial Park and Elk Lakes Provincial Park within British Columbia or Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta.

Beside the mountain several other geographical points are named for Pétain. Pétain Glacier is found next to Mount Joffre and Mount Pétain forming the Pétain Basin, with melt cascading down Pétain Creek Falls into the Pétain Creek below.[3]

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