Mount Pelion East

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Mount Pelion East
Pelion East tree foreground.jpg
Mount Pelion East
Elevation 1,461 m (4,793 ft)[1]
Prominence 335 m (1,099 ft)
(col:Pelion Gap)
Parent peak Mount Ossa
Listing Highest Mountains of Tasmania
Location Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania, Australia
Coordinates 41°51′26.06″S 146°4′3.66″E / 41.8572389°S 146.0676833°E / -41.8572389; 146.0676833Coordinates: 41°51′26.06″S 146°4′3.66″E / 41.8572389°S 146.0676833°E / -41.8572389; 146.0676833
Easiest route Direct ascent from Pelion Gap

Mount Pelion East is in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania, Australia. It is the sixteenth highest mountain in Tasmania at 1461 metres, slightly higher than the better known Frenchmans Cap at 1446 metres. Unlike Mount Pelion West, Pelion East is not a massive mountain, more pinnacle-like, the spire shape having been caused by harsh glacial erosion many thousands of years ago.

Mountain Facts[edit]

The mountain summit is at grid reference 225655 UTM Zone 55S and high resolution topographical information is available on Tasmap Cathedral 1:25000. To the west is Mount Pelion West, due north is Lake Ayr, due east is Curate Bluff in the Cathedral Mountain range, and due south is Mount Massif. The mountain is made up of dolerite and the lower slopes are covered in low scrub, including scoparia. This mountain is approximately midway between Pelion Hut and Kia Ora Hut on the Overland Track which passes within a kilometre of the summit.


Access to Cathedral mountain is mainly via the Overland Track from Cradle Mountain during the main walking season (November to April) when a booking and fee system applies and walking the track is restricted to limited numbers and also to north-south traffic only. In the off-season walking is also allowed from the Lake St Clair (southern end). Another access route is the combined Arm River and Innes Tracks which passes Lake Ayr and joins the Overland Track at Pelion Plains. A wider overview of the area and access points is available on the Tasmap Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair Map & Notes publication.


This mountain can be climbed from the Overland Track which passes by very closely at Pelion Gap (elevation 1126 metres).


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