Mount Pilchuck State Park

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Fire lookout on summit
View from hiking trail

Located on the western edges of the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington, Mount Pilchuck State Park is a 1,893-acre (7.66 km2) scenic park featuring alpine scenery, recreational activities and Mount Pilchuck itself. The main point of interest is the 3-mile (4.8 km) trail to the peak and the old fire lookout located on the summit, 5,324 feet (1,623 m) above sea level.


The name "Pilchuck" originated from the Native American name of "red water" for a creek in the area. The US Forest Service built a fire lookout on the summit in 1918 which was staffed until the 1960s. A ski-area was also located on the slopes of Mt. Pilchuck from 1957-1980 before it was closed due to poor ski conditions. The park is currently managed in partnership with the USFS, and the Everett Mountaineers.

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Coordinates: 48°03′29″N 121°47′48″W / 48.05806°N 121.79667°W / 48.05806; -121.79667