Mount Remarkable National Park

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Mount Remarkable National Park
South Australia
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)
Mount Remarkable National Park  is located in South Australia
Mount Remarkable National Park
Mount Remarkable National Park
Nearest town or city Port Augusta
Coordinates 32°46′53″S 138°03′46″E / 32.78139°S 138.06278°E / -32.78139; 138.06278Coordinates: 32°46′53″S 138°03′46″E / 32.78139°S 138.06278°E / -32.78139; 138.06278
Established 1 January 1952 (1952-01-01)[1]
Area 182.71 km2 (70.5 sq mi)[1]
Managing authorities Department for Environment and Heritage

[ Mount Remarkable National Park

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Mount Remarkable is a national park in South Australia (Australia), 238 km north of Adelaide and 25km east of Port Augusta. It is also the name of the highest peak in the park, with a height of 960m (3149ft).

Edward John Eyre named Mount Remarkable in June 1840. The Nukunu people, who called Mount Remarkable "Wangyarra", ("arra" meaning running water) inhabited the area before the arrival of European settlers in 1844.

Alligator Gorge and Mambray Creek were dedicated as National Pleasure Resorts in 1952. These areas were added to and became managed by the National Parks Commission in the 1960s. After the enactment of National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, Alligator Gorge, Mambray Creek and Mount Remarkable were proclaimed as Mount Remarkable National Park. Further additions have brought the present total to more than 160 km², the most recent being the Warren Bonython Link in 1998 which joined the eastern and western sections of the park.

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View (looking north) along the Daveys Gully walking trail.
View (looking west) along the Daveys Gully walking trail.