Mount Rokkō

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Mount Rokkō
Mt rokko01s2816.jpg
Elevation 931.6 m (3,056 ft)
Pronunciation Japanese: [ɽokːoːsaɴ]
Location Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan
Range Rokkō Mountains
Coordinates 34°46′40″N 135°15′50″E / 34.77778°N 135.26389°E / 34.77778; 135.26389
Type Fault-block
View of Kikuseidai from Mount Maya

Mount Rokkō (六甲山 Rokkō-san?) is a name of a group of mountains in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. This mountain is one of Hyōgo 50 mountains, Kinki 100 mountains, and also one of the 300 famous mountains in Japan.


Marker at the highest peak of Mount Rokkō

There is no single mountain or peak called "Rokkō." The highest peak of the mountains is called Rokkōsan-Saikōhō (六甲山最高峰?), literally, the highest peak in Rokkō Mountains. The mountains spread from Sumaura Kōen Park in the west end of Kobe, to Takarazuka, and the length of the mountains ranges is about 56 km. The highest point is 931m. It includes Mount Maya, Mount Kabutoyama, Mount Iwahara and Mount Iwakura.

Today, the Rokkō mountain area is a centerpiece of a popular sightseeing and hiking area for people in the metropolitan area in Kansai region. Mt. Rokkō is a symbol of Kobe as well as Osaka.


Arthur Hasketh Groom opened the first golf course in Japan, Kobe Golf Club, on Mt. Rokko in 1903.

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For many years, lenses made by the Minolta Camera Company were designated as "Rokkor", named after this sacred mountain near Osaka, where the company was headquartered.



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