Mount Saint Benedict

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Abbey of Our Lady of Exile
TnT St. Augustine Mount St. Benedict.jpg
Mount St Benedict
Basic information
Location St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
Affiliation Roman Catholic Church
Region Tunapuna-Piarco
Church interior

Mount Saint Benedict, or the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile, is a Benedictine abbey located in northern Trinidad. It was founded in October 1912 by an order of monks from Brazil, after the Order of St Benedict of Italy.[1]

The Abbey complex consists of several buildings, among them a church, a monastery, a seminary, a yoghurt factory, a drug rehab centre, and Pax Guest House. The whole complex is situated high in the Northern Range, north of St. Augustine/Tunapuna. It is visible for miles around, with its landmark tower and distinctive red-roofed buildings.


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