Mount Catherine

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For the mountain in Washington, see Mount Catherine (Washington). For the mountain in Grenada, see Mount Saint Catherine (Grenada).
Mount Catherine
Gebel Katherîna
Mount of Saint Catherine.jpg
Mount Catherine, view from top of Mount Sinai
Elevation 2,629 m (8,625 ft)[1]
Prominence 2,404 m (7,887 ft)[1]
Listing Country high point
Mount Catherine is located in Egypt
Mount Catherine
Mount Catherine
Location of Mount Catherine in Egypt
Location Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Coordinates 28°30′42″N 33°57′09″E / 28.51167°N 33.95250°E / 28.51167; 33.95250Coordinates: 28°30′42″N 33°57′09″E / 28.51167°N 33.95250°E / 28.51167; 33.95250[1]

Mount Catherine (Arabic: جبل كاثرين‎), also known as Gebel Katherîna, is the highest mountain in Egypt. It is located near the city of Saint Catherine in South Sinai Governorate.

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