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Mount Simeon District (Arabic: منطقة جبل سمعان‎ / ALA-LC: manṭiqat Jabal Sem‘ān), also known as Jabal Sem`an, is a district (mantiqah) administratively belonging to Aleppo Governorate, Syria. At the 2004 official census, the district had a population of 2,412,072. Its administrative centre is the city of Aleppo.[1]

Until December 2008, the sub-district of Atāreb was part of Mount Simeon District before being incorporated into a district.[2]


The district of Mount Simeon is divided into seven sub-districts or Nāḥiyas (population according to 2004 official census):

North Mount Simeon
  • Mount Simeon Central Nahiyah (Aleppo city and its suburbs) (ناحية مركز جبل سمعان): population 2,181,061.[3]
  • Huraytan Nahiyah (ناحية حريتان): population 67,745.[4]
  • Darat Izza Nahiyah (ناحية دارة عزة): population 39,540.[5]
South Mount Simeon
  • Al-Zirbah Nahiyah (ناحية الزربة): population 55,391.[6]
  • Al-Hader Nahiyah (ناحية الحاضر): population 20,834.[7]
  • Tell al-Daman Nahiyah (ناحية تل الضمان): population 47,501.[8]
  • Zammar Nahiyah (ناحية زمّار) - was part of Al-Zirbah sub-district until 2009

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