Mount Sumagaya

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Mount Sumagaya
Mount Sumagaya.JPG
Mount Sumagaya, taken in Lanise, Claveria, Misamis Oriental
Elevation 2,248 m (7,375 ft)[1]
Mount Sumagaya is located in Philippines
Mount Sumagaya
Mount Sumagaya
Location of Mount Sumagaya in the Philippines.
Location Philippines
Coordinates 8°39′00″N 125°02′00″E / 8.65000°N 125.03333°E / 8.65000; 125.03333Coordinates: 8°39′00″N 125°02′00″E / 8.65000°N 125.03333°E / 8.65000; 125.03333
Age of rock unknown
Easiest route Mat-i Trail

Mount Sumagaya is a mountain on the northern part of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is under the jurisdictional territory of the municipality of Claveria. It stands at a height of about 2, 248 meters (7, 375 feet) high.[1]

It is part of the Central Mindanao Cordillera that stretches from Camiguin in the north to Saranggani in the south. The mountain rose to prominence during the crash of Cebu Pacific Flight 387 on its slopes in 1998, one of the deadliest aviation incidents in the Philippines.

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