Mount Twynam

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Mount Twynam
Mt Twynam.JPG
Mount Twynam as seen from the top of Little Twynam (ie. the southeast)
Elevation 2,196 m (7,205 ft)AHD
Prominence 155 m (509 ft)[1]
Location New South Wales, Australia
Range Great Dividing Range / Main Range
Coordinates 36°23′36″S 148°18′53″E / 36.39333°S 148.31472°E / -36.39333; 148.31472Coordinates: 36°23′36″S 148°18′53″E / 36.39333°S 148.31472°E / -36.39333; 148.31472
Easiest route Walk (track)

Mount Twynam is the third-highest mountain on mainland Australia. It is located in the Snowy Mountains on the Main Range, 8 kilometres (5 mi) north-west of Mount Kosciuszko. It is large but unimposing, and has good and far-reaching views over Blue Lake Cirque and the Western Falls. Despite being relatively accessible by track, it is rarely visited.

Topographic map of Mount Twynam.

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