Mount Tyndall (Tasmania)

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Mount Tyndall
Mount Tyndall is located in Tasmania
Mount Tyndall
Mount Tyndall
Location in Tasmania
Elevation 1,179 m (3,868 ft)
Location West Coast, Tasmania
Range West Coast Range
Coordinates 41°56′S 145°35′E / 41.933°S 145.583°E / -41.933; 145.583Coordinates: 41°56′S 145°35′E / 41.933°S 145.583°E / -41.933; 145.583

Mount Tyndall is a mountain and high ground in the West Coast Range, Western Tasmania. The mountain was named after Irish scientist and mountaineer, John Tyndall.[1]

The surrounding high ground is often known as The Tyndalls or The Tyndall Range.

The area is at the northern end of a block of mountains that are north of Mount Sedgwick.

The 'Tyndalls' have a number of glacial lakes, most notably Lake Westwood and Lake Dora

The Tyndalls lie south east of the Henty Gold Mine, and Hydro Tasmania dam on the Henty River - and south of Lake Makintosh, Lake Murchison and Tullah.


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