Mount Tyrwhitt

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Mount Tyrwhitt
Mount Tyrwhitt's north face with Grizzly col to the left
Elevation 2,874 m (9,429 ft)[1]
Prominence 216 m (709 ft)[2]
Mount Tyrwhitt is located in British Columbia
Mount Tyrwhitt
Mount Tyrwhitt
Location in eastern British Columbia
Location Alberta/British Columbia, Canada
Range Elk Range
Coordinates 50°34′57″N 115°00′58″W / 50.58250°N 115.01611°W / 50.58250; -115.01611Coordinates: 50°34′57″N 115°00′58″W / 50.58250°N 115.01611°W / 50.58250; -115.01611[3]
Topo map NTS 82J/10
First ascent 1915 by the Interprovincial Boundary Commission[2]
Easiest route Scramble (Moderate)

Mount Tyrwhitt is a mountain in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada located between Highway 40 and Elk Pass in the Elk Range of the Canadian Rockies, west of the Highwood Pass parking lot in Kananaskis Country and south east of Upper Kananaskis Lake. Located on the Continental Divide, it is also therefore on the border between British Columbia and Alberta which follows the Divide in this area.

The mountain was named in 1918 after First Admiral Reginald Tyrwhitt, a senior officer in the Royal Navy during the First World War.[3]

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