Mount Uluigalau

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Mount Uluigalau
NASA Space Shuttle image of Taveuni. Top of image is NW.
Elevation 1,241 m (4,072 ft)
Prominence 1,241 m (4,072 ft)
Mount Uluigalau is located in Fiji
Mount Uluigalau
Mount Uluigalau
Coordinates 16°49′00″S 179°58′00″E / 16.816667°S 179.966667°E / -16.816667; 179.966667Coordinates: 16°49′00″S 179°58′00″E / 16.816667°S 179.966667°E / -16.816667; 179.966667
Type Elongated Shield volcano
Last eruption 1550 ± 100 yrs

Mount Uluigalau is the highest mountain on the island of Taveuni in Fiji. It is 1,241 meters or 4,072 feet high and also the second highest mountain in the Fiji group. [1]


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