Mount Vicious

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Mount Vicious
Origin Oakland, California, USA
Genres Rock
Post-punk revival
Years active 2008–2009
Labels Seismic Wave
Associated acts Repicator
Victory and Associates
Stay Gold Pony Boy
The Holy Kiss
The Cold War
We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next
Past members Conan Neutron
"Daddy" Dré Burgerwolf
Brian Jet James
Alli Mayhem
Richard "Wreckless" Necklace

Mount Vicious was an Oakland, California Rock band. Their style was influenced by classic rock, noise rock and post-punk.


Formed by Conan Neutron and Richard "Wreckless" Necklace (aka: Chris Bolig), after the demise of their previous band Replicator, Mount Vicious's stated desire was to meld the influence of Noise rock and Post-punk with those of anthemic classic rock. Recruiting "Daddy Dré Burgerwolf" (aka: André Zivkovich) (formerly of Boyjazz, Stay Gold Pony Boy, and currently playing in The Long Thaw and Generalissimo), Brian Jet James (We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next), and Alli Mayhem (aka: Alli Pheteplace) (The Cold War, The Holy Kiss), the band formed in secret in order to "spring out fully formed".

In an interview Neutron explained this approach: "In the Internet age, it is impossible to surprise anybody with anything; everything is old before it’s new. This band was created in a vacuum specifically so that it have that purity of purpose to it, without distraction and the push and pull of the outside world."

The band revealed itself to the world [1] August 25, 2008, revealing both a booked tour and a 4 song ep/demo entitled Axis of Awesome, that was favorably received. After successfully debuting at local SF venue Thee Parkside, the band embarked on a Pacific Northwest tour with Seattle/Bellingham band Police Teeth.

Recording with Neutron and Bolig's old bandmate Ben Adrian (From Monument to Masses, Truxton) at the House of Collision, a 5 song ep called "Leather Beer Caddy" was released online [2] in March, 2009 and in limited edition physical format. Again, reviewed favorably [3] [4] More shows followed before recording their full length album. The follow-up album was entitled: "Don't Be a Baby, Come and Get It", recorded in April 2009, and released June 30, 2009, it was produced by John Congleton of the pAperchAse at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco.

A split 7" with Big Business was conceived and planned for release, but [5] later scrapped.

The band also claims to be "very good at sex."

On September 1, 2009, following a 32 day tour of the United States, the band announced that they were dissolving, only a few days after their August 29 album release show at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco. With several people relocating, the remaining musicians agreed that it would be impossible to replicate the band's unique dynamic by replacing them with new members. Members continue to play in other groups, including Cartographer, Generalissimo, Victory and Associates, and Bootblacks.

Music Style[edit]

Mount Vicious's music style has been compared to the likes of Nirvana, the Birthday Party, the Misfits, AC/DC, Afghan Whigs, Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age and The Minutemen among others, the songs, while not completely straightforward tend to eschew both the abrasive nature and non-traditional songwriting of Replicator (the most notable of the previous bands), and instead have a more traditional rock and roll structure with clearly defined verses, bridges and choruses. Although the influence of all of its members has been noted, the band is largely considered to be a separate entity that melds these more challenging sounds with anthemic songs designed to please the crowd.

It is [6]"More about playing TO people, not THROUGH people."


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