Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb

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Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb
Race details
Date August
Region Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, USA
Discipline Road race
Type One-day race
First edition 1973 (1973)
Editions 37
First winner  John Allis (USA)
Most wins  Tyler Hamilton (USA) (4 times)
 Marti Shea (USA) (4 times)
Most recent  Cameron Cogburn (USA)
 Marti Shea (USA)

Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb is an annual American racing event designed to raise money for Albany, New Hampshire's Tin Mountain Conservation Center, which promotes appreciation of the environment.


In August of each year, up to six hundred riders take part in the race which centers around a 7.6 mile (12.2 km) climb to the top of New Hampshire's Mount Washington—the highest peak in New England. The Mount Washington Auto Road has an average gradient of 12% and reaches gradients of up to 22%.

The race's most famous victor is Tyler Hamilton who got his fourth victory in the race in 2006 in a time of 52:21, beating out Ned Overend by 2:20. Jeannie Longo holds the women's record at 58:14, while Tom Danielson owns the men's record of 49:24.

In June 2011 race organizers announced that the times ridden by Tyler Hamilton of the United States and Genevieve Jeanson of Canada would no longer be considered official records. This decision followed the admissions by both athletes that during their professional racing careers they regularly used performance-enhancing drugs.

Past winners[edit]

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Year Men Women
1973 United States John Allis 1:15:05 Unknown
1974 United States John Allis 1:01:39 Unknown
1975 Results unknown
1976 Unknown Barbara Amburgey
1977 Mike Hogan 58:24 Ester Salmi 1:02
1978 Martin Ernst Bruhn 1:03:21 Unknown
1979 Steve Pyle 1:01:29 Unknown
1980 Dale Stetina 0:57:41 Unknown
Results for 1981 - 1986 are unknown
1987 Dan Works 1:06:20 Kathy Swanson 1:23:12
1988 Results Unknown
1989 Tai Roulston 1:10:16 Megan Hayes 1:22:48
1990 Douglas Tanner 1:05:13 Kathy Swanson 1:19:25
1991 United States Andrew de Garmo 1:01:30 Unknown
1992 Mike Nelson 1:02:47 Suzy West 1:16:17
1993 United States Joe Bucciaglia 1:02:33 Jodi Groesbeck 1:16:51
1994 Race cancelled due to weather
1995 Race cancelled due to weather
1996 United States Joe Bucciaglia Unknown
1997 United States Tyler Hamilton 0:51:56 United States Marilyn Ruseckas 1:11:38
1998 United States Robert Dapice 0:59:19 United States Dorrie Martell 1:11:56
1999 United States Tyler Hamilton 0:50:21 Canada Geneviève Jeanson 1:01:57
2000 United States Tim Johnson 0:55:46 France Jeannie Longo 0:58:14 (record)
2001 United States Tim Johnson 0:53:31 Germany Karen Bockel 1:09:20
2002 United States Tom Danielson 0:49:24 (record) Canada Geneviève Jeanson 0:54:02 (record invalidated in 2011)
2003 United States Tom Danielson 0:51:05 Canada Geneviève Jeanson 0:59:58
2004 United States Justin England 0:58:50 United States Aimee Vasse 1:10:44
2005 United States Tyler Hamilton 0:51:11 United States Aimee Vasse 1:12:38
2006 United States Tyler Hamilton 0:52:21 United States Aimee Vasse 1:08:31
2007 Race cancelled due to weather
2008 United States Phillip Gaimon 0:54:57 Brazil Flavia Lepene 1:08:52
2009 United States Phillip Gaimon 0:54:37 Canada Sue Schlatter 1:07:43
2010 United States Nico Toutenhoofd 0:57:26 United States Marti Shea 1:05:42
2011 United States Ned Overend 0:55:03 United States Marti Shea 1:04:12
2012 United States Cameron Cogburn 0:52:28 United States Marti Shea 1:03:14
2013 United States Cameron Cogburn 0:50:48 United States Silke Wunderwald 1:09:56
2014 Denmark John Kronborg Ebsen 0:52:53 United States Marti Shea 1:06:01