Mount Wheeler

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Mt Wheeler
Gawula at Australia map
Coordinates 23°14′S 150°41′E / 23.233°S 150.683°E / -23.233; 150.683Coordinates: 23°14′S 150°41′E / 23.233°S 150.683°E / -23.233; 150.683

"Mount Wheeler" redirects here. For the mountain in Nevada, see Wheeler Peak (Nevada).

Gawula (formerly known as Mt Wheeler) lies between Rockhampton and Yeppoon, in Australia. It has some large cliffs on its western face. On the south-east face is a type of soft rock which has formed into many huge caverns and overhangs. Gold mining around its base has been going on since the 19th century. Mount Wheeler stands at approximately 365 metres (1,198 ft) high. Local hiking enthusiasts have reported strange flickering lights that can sometimes be seen at night in some of the more inaccessible caverns on the south-east face. Theories range from simple fireflies to bushranger campfires and even fairy gatherings. In 2007 Mt Wheeler was handed over to the traditional owners, the Darumbal people and subsequently rename as its original name, Gawula.

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