Mountain Line Transit Authority

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Mountain Line Transit Authority
Mountain Line Transit Authority logo.png
Headquarters 420 Dupont Road
Westover, West Virginia
Service area Monongalia County, West Virginia
Service type Bus
Routes 23
Fuel type Diesel

Mountain Line Transit Authority is the provider of public transportation located in Morgantown, West Virginia and the surrounding area. It is also the provider of bus service on the campus of West Virginia University as well as inter-city bus service to Fairmont, West Virginia, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Waynesburg, Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Route list[edit]

  • 1 Campus PM - Downtown to Dormitory Towers via Evansdale Campus & Valley View (Thurs-Sat night during WVU Fall/Spring semester)
  • 2 Downtown/Mall PM - Dormitory Towers to Morgantown Mall via Evansdale Campus, Downtown, & Westover (Mon-Sat night)
  • 3 Green Line - Mountaineer Mall to Morgantown Mall via Downtown & Westover (Mon-Sat)
  • 4 Orange Line - Southside to Morgantown Mall & University Town Center via Mountaineer Mall, Westover, Star City, Granville, & Beechurst (Mon-Sat)
  • 6 Gold Line - Downtown to Monongalia General Hospital & Independence Hill (Mon-Sat)
  • 7 Red Line - Downtown to Suncrest and Star City via Evansdale Campus (Mon-Sat)
  • 8 Tyrone Road - Downtown to Brookhaven & Cheat Lake via Sabraton & Dellslow (Mon-Sat)
  • 9 Purple Line - Downtown to Chestnut Hill & Valleyview via Sunnyside (Mon-Sat)
  • 11 Cassville - Downtown to Cassville via Westover, Granview, Osage, and University Town Center (Mon-Sat)
  • 12 Blue Line - Downtown to Crest Point & Lakeside Canyon via Sabraton (Mon-Sat)
  • 13 Crown - Downtown to Crown, Arnettsville, Everettsville, & Booth (Mon-Sat)
  • 14 Mountain Heights - Downtown to Mountain Heights via Sabraton and Mountaineer Mall (Mon-Sat)
  • 15 Grafton/Fairmont Road - Downtown to Triune, Halleck, & Healthy Heights (Mon-Sat)
  • 16 Pink Line - Downtown to Glenmark Center via Milegrounds (Mon-Sat)
  • 29 Grey Line - Clarksburg, Fairmont, & Morgantown to Downtown Pittsburgh & Pittsburgh Int'l Airport via Waynesburg (7 day service)
  • 30 West Run Express- Downtown to West Run & Chestnut Ridge (Mon-Fri)
  • 38 Blue & Gold Connector - Sunnyside to Evansdale Campus & Dormitory Towers (7 day service during WVU Fall/Spring semesters)
  • 44 Valley View - Evansdale Campus to Valley View & Chestnut Ridge (Mon-Fri)

Park and Ride Locations[edit]

  • Westover (Routes 3, 4, and 13)
  • Granville (Route 11)


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