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Scouting in West Virginia has a long history, from the 1910s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.

BSA Councils Serving West Virginia

Boy Scouts of America[edit]

There are nine Boy Scouts of America local councils in West Virginia. Most of West Virginia lies within the BSA's Central Region, Mineral, Hardy, Hampshire, are part of the Northeast Region. Pendleton, Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson counties, are part of the Southern Region.


In 1914, the BSA gave local councils the power to ban African Americans from Scouting. Until 1974, some southern councils of the Boy Scouts of America were still racially segregated. (The Old Hickory council did not integrate until 1974.)

Boy Scouts of America[edit]

Allohak Council[edit]

Allohak Council was created in 1990. It is composed of six districts and serves West Virginia and Ohio. The council headquarters is in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Parkersburg Council #618
founded 1919
Mariette Council #464
founded 1917
Clarksburg Council #616
founded 1916
Washington County Council #464
renamed 1922
Kootaga Area Council #618
renamed 1933
Southeastern Ohio Council #464
renamed 1923
Clarksburg Area Council #616
renamed 1936
Central West Virginia Council #616
renamed 1941
Kootaga Area Council #618
merged 1942
Allohak Council #618
merged 1990

Camp Kootaga is located in Wirt County, WV. It serves as the summer camp for the Allohak Council. The camp is located on 500 acres (2.0 km2) of forest land along the Hughes River. Each year 5 weeks of summer camp are conducted at Camp Kootaga. Camp Kootaga has 14 campsites.

The property known as Camp Kootaga was purchased in 1922 by Don B. Lowe under the Gim-O-Gash tribe of the Boy Scouts of America. The first long-term summer camp was held that year on the banks of the Hughes River in the Kootaga region. This camp consisted of one or two Troops from the Parkersburg area with Don B. Lowe as the Camp Director during the early years. In 1929 Col. R. L. Cole brought a Kiowa Indian named J. Dougannah to help with the camp program. He gave Indian names to the Leaders and named the Boy Scout camp “Kootaga” which means “Good Friends”. Through the years, Camp Kootaga has gone through many changes, but one thing has remained constant: helping develop young men into upstanding citizens and outstanding individuals.

Camp Mahonegon, is the second camp in the Allohak Council. Though no longer used as an active summer camp, Mahonegon has remained an active part of the council. It is used for many council events yearly, and continues to be a focal point for scouting activity. The First Summer Camp was held in 1948. The last Summer Camp was held in 1980.

Buckeye Council[edit]

Main article: Scouting in Ohio

Buckeye Council serves Scouts in Ohio and West Virginia.

Buckskin Council[edit]

Main article: Buckskin Council

Buckskin Council serves Scouts in Scouts in Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

Mountaineer Area Council[edit]

The Mountaineer Area Council serves Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers of Monongalia, Marion, Preston, and Taylor counties in North Central West Virginia. It is the only council in the state to exclusively serve counties of West Virginia.[1]

Council Office: 1831 Speedway Ave, Fairmont, WV 26554

Mountaineer Area Council #615
founded 1928
  • Pierpont serving Marion and Taylor Counties
  • Mon/Preston serving Monongalia and Preston Counties
  • Camp Mountaineer is located in Morgantown, WV. It is the summer camp for the Mountaineer Area Council. Opening in 1956, Camp Mountaineer is a premiere year-round camping facility encompassing over 1,000 acres of West Virginia foliage and fauna. The Summer Camps and Programs include Boy Scout Resident Camp, Webelos Resident Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, and Boy Scout High Adventure Camp. Each is highly recognized and nationally accredited.[2]
  • Camp Lynn is located at 39°30'22.8"N 79°52'21.0"W. It is 168 acres of rustic camping just 2.6 miles from Camp Mountaineer on Boy Scout Rd. Camp Lynn is remote with limited access by vehicle. With many natural streams, a large field, and hard wood and pine forests surrounding it, it is the perfect location for backpacking, trail excursions or primitive camping.[3]

Order of the Arrow Lodge: Menawngihella Lodge #550[4]

Ohio River Valley Council[edit]

Ohio River Valley Council serves Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing in West Virginia and Ohio.[5]

Council office is located at: Ohio River Valley Council, 192 McColloch Drive, Wheeling WV 26003

Wheeling Council #619
founded 1916
Wheeling and Moundsville Council #619
renamed 1923
Wheeling Area Council #619
renamed 1925
Huroquois Council #619
renamed 1926
Fort Steuben Area Council #459
founded 1929
National Trail Council #619
renamed 1966
Ohio River Valley Council #619
merged 1991

Districts include:

  • Two Chiefs serves Harrison County, OH, Jefferson County, OH, Brooke County, WV Hancock County, WV
  • National Trail serves Belmont County, OH, Ohio County, WV
  • Mountaineer serves Monroe County, OH, Marshall County, WV, Wetzel County, WV, Tyler County, WV

Scout camps:

  • Fort Steuben Scout Reservation - Freeport, Ohio
  • Sandscrest Scout Reservation - Wheeling, WV

Order of the Arrow Lodge:

Onondaga Lodge 36[6]

Potomac Council[edit]

Main article: Scouting in Maryland

Potomac Council serves Scouts in Maryland and West Virginia.

Shenandoah Area Council[edit]

Main article: Scouting in Virginia

Shenandoah Area Council serves Scouts in Virginia and West Virginia.

Stonewall Jackson Area Council[edit]

Stonewall Jackson Area Council serves Scouts in the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville areas of Virginia and Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Girl Scouts of the USA[edit]

Map of Girl Scout Councils in West Virginia

There are two Girl Scout councils in West Virginia.

Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council[edit]

Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council[7] serves more than 20,000 girls in 59 counties in West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland.

Headquarters: Charleston, West Virginia

Field Offices


Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital[edit]

In October 2009 the old Shawnee Council of West Virginia joined with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital as part of the nationwide reorganization.[8]

West Virginia Service Center: Martinsburg, West Virginia

West Virginia Camp:

Other Girl Scout Camps[edit]

Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania has Camp Roy Weller in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. It is 792 acres (3.21 km2) and besides lodges and camping areas has the Eberly Family Learning Center.


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