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Mousefood or Anlleq is a native food highly prized by Yupik people on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. It consists of the roots of various tundra plants which are cached by voles in underground burrows.

Types of Mousefood[edit]

'Raindrops' are the roots of Tall Cottongrass. These roots are less than an inch long and are shaped, as the name suggests, like a drop of water. They are eaten with seal oil or put in "bird soup"

'Eskimo Sweet Potatoes' are the roots of Hedysarum alpinum. As the name suggests, these roots are somewhat sweet and are used in Eskimo Ice Cream

Respect for Nature[edit]

Elders teach that when collecting mouse food, one should always leave half of the cache for the "mouse." They also recommend leaving a gift for the mouse - something that the mouse can eat.