The Network (political party)

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The Network
La Rete
Leader Leoluca Orlando
Founded 24 January 1991
Dissolved 27 February 1999
Split from Christian Democracy[1]
Merged into The Democrats
Ideology Social democracy, Christian left, social liberalism
National affiliation Alliance of Progressives (1994-1996),
The Olive Tree (1996-1999)
European Parliament group Green Group[2]
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Network (Italian: La Rete), whose complete name is Movement for Democracy – The Network (Movimento per la Democrazia – La Rete), was an Italian political party led by Leoluca Orlando.


Formed by Orlando on 24 January 1991 whilst mayor of Palermo the group sought to reinvigorate the moral traditions of Italian democracy and also took a strong anti-Mafia stance. Orlando initially attached to Christian Democracy, he quickly broke with this party due to its relations to the Mafia. The party succeeded in gaining elected office in Sicily, including holding on to the mayorship of Palermo in 1993. It participated in the Alliance of Progressives, which included the Democratic Alliance, the Federation of the Greens, the Communist Refoundation Party, the Democratic Party of the Left, the Italian Socialist Party and the Social Christians, that unsuccessfully contested the 1994 general election against the House of Freedoms coalition of Silvio Berlusconi.

The party changed its name to The Network for the Democratic Party (La Rete per il Partito Democratico) in 1996 before being absorbed by The Democrats of Romano Prodi in 1999. Well-known former members of La Rete include Claudio Fava.


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